What to Eat Before a Softball Game? And what to Avoid!

One thing you’ve no doubt noticed if you’ve been playing softball for any length of time is how inconsistent game times can be. You might play multiple games in a single day as part of a tournament, or you may end up playing right after school. Where this hurts the most is in player nutrition. … Read more

Can You Pitch Overhand in Softball? Unraveling the Rules!

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How fast do College Softball Pitchers throw? (D1/D2/D3)

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What does PO mean in Softball Stats? (Examples included)

Softball is a fast-paced and exciting sport that requires quick reflexes, coordination, and strategic thinking. As with any sport, there are numerous statistics that measure a player’s performance. One statistic that stands out a bit from the crowd is the Put Out (or PO for short). If you are new to softball, you may be … Read more