How many different pitches are in Softball? (Complete list)

For those new to softball – you might think that there is only one type of pitch. You know the one. The fast underhand pitch that everyone sees when they think of a softball pitcher. But if only things were so simple for hitters. After all baseball has many different types of pitches and variation … Read more

Can Softball Pitchers Wear Sunglasses? (Quick Read)

Weather is one of the biggest factors when it comes to a softball game. This is especially true on hot sunny days for those that have sensitivity to light. Infielders and outfielders can wear sunglasses, but what about pitchers? Can Softball Pitchers wear Sunglasses? In most softball leagues pitchers can wear sunglasses. There are no … Read more

What is a Slapper in Softball? (Purpose Explained)

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83 Softball Terms to Know: Learn the Slang (Large LIST)

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How to Choose a Softball Glove the RIGHT way (Size Chart)

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when looking in the glove section of a sports store or website? I know I have! There are so many different gloves available all boasting features around pocket size, webbing, comfort and much more. Once you figure that out – you’ll notice that some gloves are more suited for certain … Read more