5 Best Softball Gloves for Outfielders in 2024

At one point in our softball careers we’ve all used a generic glove for every position. After all, at younger ages that is all that is required.

Once you become a more advanced player, a glove specifically designed for outfield play should improve your defensive capabilities. That is why we’ve put together this list of the best softball gloves for outfielders in time for the 2024 fastpitch season.

Can a you use a generic glove in the outfield? Absolutely.

Should you? That’s up to the individual player. However, if you want to see the ball better, and catch more liners and pop ups, consider some of the following glove choices.

Note: if you want to see all our rankings, check out our 12 best softball gloves page where we look at more than just outfield.

Mizuno MVP Prime – Best Outfield Glove for 2024

Mizuno MVP Prime Outfield Glove


For those players that want a quality outfield glove with better than average features and are willing to pay a little more may want to keep the Mizuno MVP Prime edition on their radar. This model has numerous features to bring your game to a high level.

Although some of the models we’ve looked at on this page could be used for other positions, the MVP Prime is not one of them. Because of its larger pocket and 13” length, this glove would only be useful for outfielders. In addition, this model has been engineered specifically for female players so you won’t have to worry about difficult fitting.

One of the more unique aspects of the MVP Prime is the center pocket design. Although it feels obvious, this pocket sits right under the index finger allowing the glove to form to your specific hand shape and break in faster.

Another feature that makes this glove better than average is the lacing that has been applied. Very similar to what professional players use, the goal is that this glove can withstand a full year or more without losing any sort of shape and performance.


  • 13.0″ length
  • Designed for a female player
  • Single finger back
  • Made for the Outfield with larger pocket
  • Moderately priced for a Mizuno glove

Wilson A2000 – Best Outfield Glove for Competitive Players


If you are a competitive softball outfielder looking for a glove to set you apart from the competition then I believe the Wilson A2000 Superskin model would be your ideal choice.

The A2000 series has been one of the most popular year after year due to its quality and high-performance features. In fact, many professional players use Wilson – and the A2000 series – as their glove of choice.

First and foremost, we should discuss the Superskin construction and what makes it so important. The claim from Wilson is that this Superskin material is twice as strong as leather which means that it can withstand many catches and survive season after season.

Another interesting feature of the Superskin material is its ability to decrease the amount of sweat and moisture – even in hot weather. As you can imagine, with the amount of heat in the summer months and the stressful situations you encounter during a game, this provides you with a huge edge over your opponents. It effectively allows you to play and keep your head in the game without thinking about any discomfort you might have.

For a custom fit (even during the game) the A2000 comes with a drawstring closure that can be adjusted at any time. Have to dive for a catch? When you get back up the drawstring can adjust the glove to provide a great fit with ease.
If you are a competitive player, and looking for an equipment edge, the A2000 Superskin makes a great choice!


  • 12.5″ length
  • Open back
  • T-Web for better strength
  • Custom fit
  • Outfield specific design

Easton Haylie McCleney

Easton Haylie McCleney Outfield Glove


Arguably one of the more popular options on our list of the best outfielder gloves is the newer Easton Haylie McCleney glove. With a length of 12.5″ it should be perfect for making catches in the outfield.

Easton has been in the forefront of using top level athletes to help design their gear. We’ve seen it with already with other players, but now star outfielder Haylie McCleney has her own inspired outfielder glove.

The first thing you’ll notice is how sharp the glove looks. The glove is handcrafted using Premium Reserve US Steerhide which is quite high end especially for the price being paid. Honestly – you’ll probably feel like a professional softball as it just screams quality. Aside from looks, the leather allows for a quicker break in time, and provides durability so you can use it through many catches.

One thing often lacking in a glove – especially for outfielders – is the feeling of securing the softball properly. I believe the lacing system in this model would help with that quite a bit as it provides a different lacing pattern than most standard gloves for better flexibility. This is quite helpful when dealing with the larger softball when it is travelling at fast speeds!

One of the final features that looks really helpful is the ability to adjust the wrist strap with ease. Although a simple system, it allows a player to adjust to their needs quickly which can be important right in the middle of a game.


  • 12.5″ length
  • Smaller hand opening
  • Wider pocket specific for softballs
  • Closed Web
  • Open Back

Rawlings Shutout – Best Inexpensive Option

Rawlings Shutout Outfield Glove


If you are looking for quality, but don’t feel the need to spend a huge amount of money on some of the more competitive gloves, then do yourself a favor and check out the Rawlings Shut Out series.

In fact, this glove can also be used for other positions as well. Therefore, if you find yourself moving around the field constantly and playing different positions, this might be exactly what you need.

The biggest selling feature of the Rawlings Shut Out series is how quickly a player can take it from the store and onto the field. It requires very little player break in time and for most players can simply be purchased the day of and be all set to go! In terms of fit, a smaller hand opening has been applied along with thinner finger stalls to provide fastpitch female players a better fit. Combine this with the adjustable Velcro strap and you’ve got a great a winner that doesn’t cost you a kidney!

You may be wondering if the glove is so inexpensive if it holds up in terms of quality. In my opinion it should as it has a sturdy leather shell and is laced entirely using leather laces. These laces should provide additional strength in the pocket, and better longevity so that the glove doesn’t fall apart.

This glove offers immense values for all of its features and should be a serious consideration for any casual player.


  • 12.5″ length
  • Smaller hand opening
  • Open back
  • Utility design – good for infield and pitchers as well

Rawlings Liberty Advanced – Best Outfield Glove for Beginners

Rawlings Liberty Outfield Glove


Last but certainly not least on our list is the Rawlings Liberty Advanced series. This model has many different variations for all different positions and is one of the more popular ones for intermediate to advanced players. Although this outfielder glove isn’t the most expensive on our list, it still costs a decent amount, but offers a great deal of features for seasoned players.

With any Rawlings products, you can feel confident that you are receiving a high quality, well made product. The Liberty Advanced model in particular uses full grain oil treated leather to provide more durability and strength. In addition, the lacing surrounding the glove are all leather as well providing the glove with a consistent form. The quality leather frame allows the glove to be broken in quickly so you can get on the field sooner.

Another great aspect for this model is it is designed for a female player from the get go. What this means is that the hand, and finger stalls are designed a bit smaller to provide a better fit. And after all, a better fit makes a player feel more comfortable and provides them with the ability to concentrate on important things – i.e. the game!


  • 13.0″ length
  • Deep pocket for softballs
  • Reduced Ball sting
  • Made for the Outfield
  • Used by Professionals

Advantages of an Outfield specific Glove

best softball gloves for outfielders

Fastpitch softball is played on a much smaller field than baseball.

The mound is closer to home plate. The space between the bases is shorter. And, the outfield usually tops out at 220 feet at dead-center field.

Consider how much faster the outfielder needs to react and make plays, compared to baseball players who often have center field fences that reach 400 feet.

What does an outfielder need in a glove?

Because the speed of play, the outfielder’s softball glove needs to fit the play of the game. Outfielders on competitive high school and college teams need to have gloves that get the job done. Softball players do hit deep into the outfield, so a good outfield glove needs to be able to catch hard-hit fly balls and deep popups. They also need to be able to scoop up quickly moving grounders.

The typical outfielder glove, especially at a competitive level of play, is between 13” and 14”. Since outfielders do occasionally dive, the added inch or two can help them make a play, where a short glove would not.

What back works best for an outfielder glove?

softball outfield glove 2024The back of the outfielder’s glove should be closed, rather than open. This type of glove supports the hand while it makes the catch. The closed back covers the hand and usually has a hole where the index finger can be out of the glove for even more control during speedy plays.

An open-back glove exposes the wrist. Usually infielders like this type of glove because they can make quick transfers. But, outfielders do not usually have make speedy transfers for double plays. If you play infield and outfield, then the type of back you choose should be based on where you play the most and what your preference is. Younger players often like adjustable backs that have closures with Velcro, buckles, or laces.

What webbing do outfielders prefer?

The webbing of the glove doesn’t matter as much for an outfielder. Where pitchers and catchers always want closed webbing, outfielders can choose their favorite style. Many outfielders do like closed webs because it does give more support to the glove, but a good open web can be supportive, too. If the webbing is too open, softball players’ fingers can get caught in it when making a transfer – so consider the structure and design of the webbing.

Leather and pricing

Outfield gloves are made of the same leathers and synthetic materials that all other gloves are made. The quality of the leather will determine the price, which can have a wide range from under $30 to over $300. The synthetic gloves are less expensive and they are rather easy to break in, while high-quality leather like steerhide and full-grain are expensive and they have a lengthy break-in period. Since outfielders need to be able to squeeze the ball to hold it in their gloves, they need to have gloves that are broken in, but not so broken-in that the ball can fall out.

We hope that you have enjoyed this detailed look at the best softball gloves for outfielders. As you can see there is much more to think about that most people realize especially with the field size and ability to make more catches.