5 of the Best Fastpitch Softball Bats for 10U (Size incl.)

The 10 & under category in softball has to be one of my favorite. The kids are so eager to learn and there is a wide variety of player ability.

As a mom with a younger child approaching that age level, I have noticed that it isn’t easy to find a bat in this age category as many are marketed as “youth” or “adult” which is a large range!

My goal of this post is to simplify that process for you. I’m going to list my recommendations for the best softball bats for 10U, and provide you with ideal bat sizes for the 10U category.

Top 5 Softball Bats for 10U

I’m going to start off this post by discussing my recommendations for 10 & under fastpitch bats. As much fun as this category is – it is hard to find the right bat. We’ll discuss more on sizing later, but as you can imagine there are many differences in the size and strength of players this age.

Marucci Echo – Best Overall

The first bat I wanted to highlight is the Marucci Echo which is new for the 2023 season. I feel this is the best overall choice for the 10 & under age group as it offers a great swing at a nice price point. Some bats can cost around $400 (we feature some on our best fastpitch bats page), but I >u>don’t think that makes sense at this age. At $120 – I think that is more than fair for what the Echo has to offer.

The Echo features a -12 drop which is one of the more common drop ranges at this age. The most common for all players is a bat drop of -10, so the -12 will feel much lighter and easier to swing. The Echo is a one-piece bat which can be a great choice for a new 10 and under softball players because it offers a stiffer feel, which helps them get immediate feedback on their hits and improve their swing. One-piece bats tend to be more durable allowing them to use it for more than a season.

One feature that you may consider a difference maker on the Echo is that the knob has been injected with liquid gel to help reduce vibrations. This feature reduces the amount of feedback felt in the hands, making the bat more comfortable to swing and minimizing discomfort from potential stinging or vibrations caused by off-center hits.

Easton Topaz – Best Value for 10U

I completely understand that the $120 price range for the Echo above may not be ideal for some – especially those new to the game. That is why I went with the Easton Topaz as my next choice as it is a very solid bat at less than half the cost. Is it as good as the Echo? Probably not. But it’s a great choice for those not looking to spend a lot on a first bat.

I mentioned drop a bit earlier. The Topaz swings a bit heavier than most on this list as it uses a -10 drop. This is the standard drop that most bats have but for 10 & under, I normally see them use a bit lighter. Nonetheless – there are certainly 9 and 10 year old’s that are stronger and more comfortable using the -10 drop.

The Topaz itself is a one-piece bat and is built using ALX50 military grade aluminum for an increased shelf life. The ALX50 is a super strong aluminum alloy that’s tough enough to handle all types of softball hits. It’s designed to be both lightweight and incredibly durable, giving players the perfect combination of power and performance. So when your little slugger steps up to the plate with a bat made of ALX50, they’ll feel like they have a trusty sidekick ready to deliver solid hits and help them conquer the game!

Easton Fire Fly – Most expensive option

Although this wont fit for everyone – I did want to include one model that is more expensive than the others. At a bit over $200, the Easton Fire Fly is meant for more advanced players as it is built with more detail and advanced features. The majority of players will not need a bat like this (especially those in the beginner years), but I know there are also some out there who are more advanced at this age and I know the Fire Fly would provide immediate benefits to those hitters.

One feature that sets the Fire Fly apart from the others is that it uses Computer-Controlled Precision Molding Technology. It’s like high-tech magic for bats! What this fancy technology does is it creates a super consistent and lightweight wall throughout the bat. Why does that matter? Well, it means that every swing you take with the Fire Fly will give you optimal performance. It’s like having a bat that’s perfectly balanced and ready to help you hit the ball with power and precision.

The Fire Fly also features a concave end cap. This helps to redistribute the weight of the bat towards the barrel (i.e. hitting surface) which enhances the bat’s balance and gives it a lighter feel when you swing. As a new softball player, this can make it easier for you to control the bat and generate better bat speed.

Mizuno Finch – Lightest 10 & under bat choice

The next bat in my list also happens to be the lightest of the bunch. The Mizuno Finch features a -13 drop which is the lowest a softball bat will go. It is perfect for those players who struggle with speed in their swing and helps them learn technique without feeling labored during their at bats.

The Mizuno Finch is made using MZ-2200+ alloy to ensure it will last a while. The MZ 2200+ alloy is all about finding that perfect balance between power and durability. It’s designed to give you that extra oomph when you swing, so you can hit the ball with some serious pop! But at the same time, Mizuno knows you’re going to use this bat over and over again, so they made sure it’s built to last.

One last thing to note is this bat offers a balanced swing weight. How does this balanced swing weight help you as a hitter? Well, think of it like finding that perfect sweet spot between too heavy and too light. It’s like Goldilocks finding the “just right” porridge. The bat’s weight is evenly distributed from top to bottom, making it easier to control and swing with precision.

Easton Ghost – Least expensive option for good 10U bats

Finally, I wanted to provide the least expensive option that I still feel is a worthy bat. There are cheap bats out there that quite frankly aren’t that great. In my opinion the Easton Ghost is still a good bat despite it’s low cost of under $50. Easton themselves are one of the most trusted brands for softball equipment so you should feel pretty confident in anything purchased with their name.

The Ghost also features the same military grade ALX50 aluminum alloy that was described in the Easton Topaz section. The great thing about ALX50 is that it’s not heavy like some other metals. It’s actually lightweight, which means you can swing the bat with more ease and generate good bat speed. As you know a faster bat speed gives you a better chance of hitting the ball harder and farther.

Outside of the bat material, the Ghost also features an ultra thin handle making it easy for 10 & under players to be able to grip and hold onto. The cushioned grip surrounding the handle provides hitters with lots of comfort and even aids in bad weather situations as it keeps the hitters hands in place.

Ideal bat sizes for 10U softball

This is a very hard thing to judge as no two 10-year old’s are exactly alike. Even if you find two similar sized players, one could be stronger than the other, swing differently, etc. So it’s really hard to figure out an ideal bat size for 10 & under.

However, I can provide some general guidelines that should steer most kids the right way.

best softball bats for 10u

10 & Under Softball bat size chart

When researching this section, I found that across different sources that the average 10 year old female is around 4 foot 6 inches and weighs around 70.5 lbs.

I can’t stress this enough but although I am going to provide averages – there is no need to concern yourself if your child is over/under in a certain category. That is not the point of this post. I am only using national averages as a baseline for the chart below.

Leagues for 10U players

There are so many different leagues around the country where 10 and under softball players can play. As long as the league you sign up for is legitimate then they are normally associated with the associations below. For the most part the rules around bats are the exact same throughout – however I wanted to list them out just in case:

Little League Softball Bat Rules for 10U

Little league softball began in 1974, and now has close to 300,000 members. It permits girls from age 4 all the way to age 16. The rules for softball bats are quite simple, and there chances are as long as you buy a softball bat then you’ll be fine.

In case you are wondering, here are the regulations:

  • Bats cannot be longer than 33″ – I don’t think i’ve seen a 10 & under use anything close to this
  • Barrel must be 2 1/4 inches in diameter or less
  • Must show the BPF 1.20 stamp
  • If using a wooden bat – it cannot be less than 15/16 of an inch in its thinnest area. Slippery substances in the grip are not permitted

Babe Ruth Bat Regulations for 10U

Babe Ruth softball is another great organization that is growing fast. Started in 1984, it boasts participation and having fun as the primary goals. It offers programs for ages 4 through 18 and is divided into age categories. In this case – the 10 & under category includes 9, and 10 year old players.

There aren’t many rules with Babe Ruth softball other than that the bat is marked as either Official Softball Bat or Official Fastpitch Bat. They do have a couple of bats listed which are not approved for play which they keep up to date from here.

USA softball (formally ASA) 10U Bat Rules

USA softball which was formally named ASA boasts a tremendous 120,000 teams spread over the country – amassing an amazing 1 million players. They have similar rules to Little league in terms of size. Some other notes specific to USA softball bats:

  • Must show a USA Softball Certified stamp
  • Must be on the approved list
  • If not on the list or wooden – it is up to the umpires discretion that the bat was made prior to 2000 and is in ideal shape

Conclusion on 10U softball bats

As mentioned at the very beginning – the 10 & under age group in softball is amazing. You get to see players grow up, gain confidence, and hopefully continue on as softball players.

That being said – this is a really hard group to buy for. If you think adults are specific – 10 and under players are even worse! The size differences can be massive. We hope that one of the five bats we outlined above, combined with the sizing guide will help in finding what you need for your young slugger.

Lastly – ensure to check what league you are playing in and if there are any specific rules related to bats as that may affect the choices you make above. Best of luck!